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HELLO from Utah!

Hello my friends!

I am sorry for being so slow at updating this blog and for writing this all in English. DD's family does not have a wireless router, so although I have a laptop, I cannot use Internet with mine. Their computer does not allow me to type in Japanese, (I'm sure I can change their language setting, but I don't want to mess it up just in case...) so I'm typing this all in English.

So here is a quick update on how we got here. We stayed at Takana's mom's place till the 30th of August, and flew to San Francisco on the 31st. It seemed like a normal trip as our other ones in the past, but it wasn't. DD's visa was expired on Aug. 1st, so he got stuck at the Immigration at Narita Airport. So, by 'we,' I mean 'SB and I' got to ride the plane and come back to the States.
After San Francisco, we flew to Vegas, and from there DD's family drove us to where they live. I had to go through a second inspection at the Immigration in San Francisco, and that was a pain, but after that, everything went smooth. thank goodness!

DD stayed with his friend in Kawasaki for a week till he got a new visa and a ticket, and he followed us here after that.

It was very stressful to be here alone with SB. She had a bad jetlag for a week; this means I had one, too. I couldn't get over my letlag until she got over hers, you know. And, I had to take care of her all by myself until DD got here. I tried to stay awake during the day so I could sleep at night, but being jet-lagged, SB would wake up in the middle of the night (like 3am!) fully charged, ready to play. So I had a few hours of sleep every day, and SB had been in a bad mood for the whole week till DD got here. He is in a way lucky that he got to stay in Japan and did not have to take care of her for the first week here.

Anyways, we are doing great. We are moving to Salt Lake this Friday, and will be staying at DD's sister's house. She has gone to China with her family, and said that we could stay while they are gone. She is nice. So, we'll be there till the middle of October, looking for an apartment and a job for DD. Wish us luck!

Will take some pics and update this more from now on, so keep coming back, okay.




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